Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns

Your customers simply don’t pick up newsprint anymore, and they tend to zip right past T.V. ads with their DVR’s. . .

Social media, when properly executed, can be vastly more effective than traditional advertising. Yet we seldom find successful business owners who have time to tweet and post all day long, and we strongly advise against paying full-time employees to surf social on your behalf  -in part because they waste tons of time and money, but also because they all too often veer off message, sometimes damaging your brand image or turning off potential customers.

Rather, Lightning Rod Solutions strives first to integrate and streamline your social media as much as possible, so a single message populates across multiple services, and your message delivery is automated and scheduled to work the system without your constant attention.

Every business is unique, so the way social media will fit into your strategy will also be unique.  Contact us today to talk about your business model, customer base, and social media needs.  We offer full-service social media campaign management and we also offer consulting, training, and tutorials for self-starters who would like to more effectively manage their social media in-house.

And yes, for those of you still waiting for this social media ‘fad’ to dissipate, you are going to have to accept it: Facebook is here to stay.  So is Twitter.  We’re here to help you exploit these tools without your business becoming consumed by them.