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Marketing Consulting

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Founder Kevin Pacotti has been an entrepreneur and consultant for nearly twenty years.  He was founder and C.E.O. of Midnight Tacos, Inc. (Austin, Texas), notably selected as one of Austin’s ‘Top Nine’ Highlights of 1999 (Austin Chronicle). Since then, Kevin has consulted with and produced marketing product for scores of retail business owners, authors, literary agents, business professionals, restaurants, and nonprofit organizations.

Midnight Tacos Cover 1999Are you an Entrepreneur?

Anyone planning to embark on their own start-up would do well to book a couple hours with Kevin Pacotti at Lightning Rod Solutions, for an in-depth and serious look at your concept, business plan, marketing plan, and contingencies.  We excel at spotting risks and vulnerabilities, and offer creative yet sound strategic planning and consulting services, making your business launch as smooth and predictable as possible.

LRS-Slider-Pic-Mkt-ConsultingIs your existing business in danger?

It is hard to find perspective while in the throes of operating and managing a business. Lightning Rod Solutions will help you harness powerful marketing tools to grow your customer base.  Specifically, we focus on leveraging new technology to stretch your marketing dollar and to yield better results.  We will help you plan and execute an Integrated Brand Promotion strategy to streamline and coordinate every aspect of your marketing mix, so that all its elements reinforce one another.

Bolt-Small-2-Shadow1Do you need business resources or referrals?

Lightning Rod Solutions maintains a close network of business professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.  If you have missing pieces in your business plan, let us help you find the best professional for your specific needs.

Lightning Rod Solutions is a member business of the Council of Industries and the Point Richmond Business Association in Richmond, CA.