Integrated Brand Promotion

Integrated Brand Promotion

Our Core Marketing Philosophy

Integrated Brand Promotion (IBP) is a holistic method of coordinating your messaging and your value proposition across all elements of the marketing mix.  A successful IBP effort ensures your PR actually leads to publicity, your advertising messages match your front-line sales promotion messages, and your social media output enhances customer relationships.  We have scaled our IBP-based strategies to benefit businesses of any size.


We know from experience that businesses of every size and type will benefit from incorporating an IBP approach to their marketing.  In today’s age, in fact, small and local business concepts have a distinct advantage over competitors if they adopt an IBP approach.

Will we use the ‘S’ word?

Synergy!  There, we said it.  We don’t want to be cliché, but synergy is the best word to describe how Integrated Brand Promotion works.  In the age of social media and mobile tech, business owners have unprecedented control over message delivery and brand development.  Lightning Rod Solutions builds integrated marketing communications systems, based on proven strategies, to make reaching new and loyal customers easier and less expensive than ever before.

PSB-Screenshot1“Prove it”, you say?

Case Study — We invite you to take a look at one of our favorite clients, Pear Street Bistro.  Pear Street Bistro has been implementing an LRS-directed IBP campaign for 3 years, and the results are undeniable.

  1. Do a Google search for ‘Pear Street Bistro’ to view hundreds of pages, links, video, SEO goodness, and Internet saturation from our IBP effort.
  2. The new website is integrated with the company’s Facebook, Instagram, and other pages, so messages and images populate across the entire social media spectrum.
  3. Pear Street Bistro’s ConstantContact newsletter reaches not only several thousand inboxes, but populates to social media and the restaurant’s main website automatically, reaching an average of 8,000-10,000 additional individuals every week.  Keep in mind this is a single-unit restaurant concept.
  4. The PSB App for Pear Street Bistro delivers push notifications about promotions and events, offers contests and prizes, offers to-go ordering, and also integrates with social media, the website, etc.  . .
  5. Limited, targeted traditional & online banner advertising plus consistent in-store sales promotions reinforce the social/mobile/online messaging strategies, and vice-versa.
  6. Because of our mobile and social saturation with Pear Street Bistro, now our public relations events like fundraisers are wildly successful and the publicity we gain from our PR activities is amplified – and greatly within our control.
  7. We have also integrated numerous other wildly effective marketing tools for this client, including a Perkville customer rewards program and an Urban Spoon online reservations system (integrated into their website & mobile app).

Easier said than done!

Okay, so we just gave you the basic blueprint for intelligent small business marketing in the Twenty-Teens.  You’re welcome!   The tricky part, of course, is putting this system together and making it work seamlessly.  That’s what we do here at Lightning Rod Solutions.  We also offer tutorial services to make it easy for you to wield foreboding marketing power as you execute your own marketing strategy, and we provide full-service campaign management to handle any of the components of your marketing mix that you require.

The key is to coordinate and streamline communications by leveraging new technology to keep costs low while reaching the largest portion possible of your target demographic.  So let’s get started today!